We have more than 30 years experience consulting with Upstream Oil and Gas companies in a variety of projects, making Optimum Consulting Inc. your best choice for Fugitive Emissions, Ultrasound Leak Detection and other services.

Ultrasonic leak detection is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy as the best method for detecting the location of leaks in order to minimize energy waste and improve plant efficiency.

NASA exclusively utilizes Ultrasonic detection for all leaks aboard the ISS.
Although NASA has a more sophisticated array of cameras monitoring their environment 24×7, our technology (gun) is similar but manual. We provide a human expert analysis of the situation.

Our Services

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing has been around for years. However, it has only been recently that advancements in technology as well as a better understanding of ultrasonic’s as a whole have allowed considerable advancements and the use of this technology within industry. Today Ultrasonic’s are employed in detecting industrial leaks and emissions.


Fugitive Emissions

Failing to have a comprehensive, up to date Fugitive Emissions Program that meets or exceeds Bulletin 2009-44; Canadian Association Of Petroleum Producers, best management practice: Management of Fugitive Emissions at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities is deemed a HIGH RISK non-compliance by the Energy and Resource Conservation Board of Alberta.


Regulatory Compliance

Optimum Results Consulting provides companies with complete support regarding their compliance assurance needs. With over 30 years of experience, Optimum Results utilizes a proven approach to achieving compliance from a specific regulatory requirement to a complete company approach.