Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing has been around for years. However, it has only been recently that advancements in technology as well as a better understanding of ultrasonic’s as a whole have allowed considerable advancements and the use of this technology within industry. Today Ultrasonic’s are employed in detecting industrial leaks and emissions.


Fugitive Emissions

Failing to have a comprehensive, up to date Fugitive Emissions Program that meets or exceeds Bulletin 2009-44; Canadian Association Of Petroleum Producers, best management practice: Management of Fugitive Emissions at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities is deemed a HIGH RISK non-compliance by the Energy and Resource Conservation Board of Alberta.


Regulatory Compliance

Optimum Results Consulting provides companies with complete support regarding their compliance assurance needs. With over 30 years of experience, Optimum Results utilizes a proven approach to achieving compliance from a specific regulatory requirement to a complete company approach.





Optimum Results is a consulting company specializing in regulatory compliance. We work with companies in the oil and gas sector to achieve, remedy, sustain or promote regulatory compliance. With a common understanding that regulatory compliance is the framework which encompasses all business activities and drives first quartile performance, Optimum Results assists companies to ensure this framework is solid and intact.

With a complete understanding of regulatory requirements which govern the industry, Optimum Results supports companies with the implementation, maintenance, assessment or auditing of any regulatory component or requirement. Providing gap analysis, comparative benchmarking and solutions to deficiencies, we ensure companies have the requirements and internal processes to achieve compliance assurance with Alberta’s AER (Alberta Energy Regulator) British Columbia’s OGC (Oil and Gas Commission) or Saskatchewan’s SME (Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy).

Optimum Results can assess a well location, facility, field, district or complete company against required directives, regulations or governing legislative acts. Assisting companies in responding to regulator audits, assessments or operation inspections is just one of the many services Optimum Results provides. By providing balanced, unbiased, concise assessments the company is assured the optimum amount of effort and due diligence is employed to achieve compliance.

If your organization requires assistance with compliance assurance and you require an informed, balanced assessment, complete with practical, workable solutions, do not hesitate to contact Optimum Results Consulting.

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