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Failing to have a comprehensive, up to date Fugitive Emissions Program that meets or exceeds Bulletin 2009-44; Canadian Association Of Petroleum Producers, best management practice: Management of Fugitive Emissions at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities is deemed a HIGH RISK non-compliance by the Energy and Resource Conservation Board of Alberta.

Optimum Results utilizes ultrasonic leak detection to quickly screen large process or piping areas, headers, risers, wellheads, tankage, enclosures etc. to identify leaks and quantify them. As background noise has no effect on the ability to detect leaks the survey can be conducted without any disruption to operations. Additionally, Optimum Results also utilizes LEL, bubble testing and visual methods to verify and identify leaks. All leaks are tagged and photographed for ease of reference.

By providing the client with a detailed report of all findings a timeline can be developed which addresses the elimination of all leaks (or provide cost evaluation where required).

Optimum Results can also provide oversight on the completion dates to ensure nothing is missed.

More Details on Fugitive Emissions


  • Program exceeds the requirements of Bulletin 2009-44; CAPP Best Management Practice: Management of Fugitive Emissions at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities

Personal Safety

  • Identify leaks leading to toxic, explosive or oxygen deficient environments.


  • Eliminate contamination of air, soil and water.

Energy Savings

  • Reduce cycle times by eliminating leaks (air compressor systems)

Eliminate Product Loss

  • Sales product or process product, (Natural Gas, Refrigerant) losses can be eliminated.