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Optimum Results Consulting provides companies with complete support regarding their compliance assurance needs. With over 30 years of experience, Optimum Results utilizes a proven approach to achieving compliance from a specific regulatory requirement to a complete company approach.

Government Audits (Facility, Pipeline, Measurement). Optimum Results can manage or support all Government audits to the degree required by the client.

  • Complete Audit Management; all aspects of the audit are coordinated by Optimum Results. This would include all gathering of data, field review (when required), compilation of audit response, submission and review of audit response with applicable government agency.
  • Field review; Many audits will require a data review at the field level. Optimum Results can travel to the field and conduct a pertinent data review. This information than be used to complete the audit request.
  • Ad hoc; Optimum Results can be called upon to assist with any portion of the audit the client requires.

Many companies use the Government Audit request as a proactive opportunity to check internal systems and provide learning opportunities for other areas or groups within the company. When this is required, Optimum Results can work with the company to expand the scope of the audit, respond to the government agency while providing system or process improvements for the company as well.

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Pro Active Compliance Assessments.

Optimum Results can provide a complete Compliance Assessment for any district, area, field, site location or operation the company requests. Compliance Assessments are conducted by:

    1. Identifying the regulatory requirements the company wishes to be assessed against.
    2. Applying the regulatory requirements against the identified location, field area etc.
    3. Identify all gaps which are contributing to non-compliance or the inability to achieve compliance.
    4. In consultation with stakeholders develop a workable gap closure plan.
    5. Provide gap closure or gap closure assistance.
    6. If required, track and report on gap closure progress or oversight.